“The magic of the summer ( the season and the state of mind) is inside this album full of sun and sea, that we meet not only in the lyrics, but also in the sound and in the mood.”Roberta Romano – rockit

“No breakwaters works. The waves from the sea break into his music and voice with an intensity that shakes your minds.”Ugo Stomeo –

“Summer Melodies, his new album, is influenced by the sounds of the West Coast but also by the relation between humans and nature. In particular with the sea and the waves.”Antonio Soda –

“He arrives at his 3rd solo album, after he has played and singed about one of his parties ( in the concept album “The party”), after having celebrated his “different” musical attitude compared to the music from Salento (“Are you ready for the Freaks?”), he pours into his songs, as always thought and written in English, all his idea of summer.”qui salento

““Summer Melodies” is now available on all the digital stores and will be released on vinyl and cassette in December 2016. Tobia Lamare is an old friend of us since the Singing On Water Documentary and well know between the surfers in Salento (Italy). Afeter the first single released in June 2016, Tobia presents his new album “Summer Melodies”. The tour started from Dublin, in the country where this project started, and will arrive in Italy going to Rome, Bologne, Livorno…”surf corner

“Tobia with his Lobello Records and this new musical project shows decades of music listening and kilometers of 45 r.p.m records.”Osvaldo Piliego –

““..With a great work on the sound construction, the cd is both homogeneous, unique and complex at the same time” ”echoes77

““…just keep us in mind Bob Dylan.””Stefano Bartolotta –

““…at Masseria Lobello, lives a musician that takes his name from the main carachter of Russ Meyer’s Supervixen. IN the middle onf an organic grain field, the masseria, decorated with Elvis memorabilia, a painting coming from the Mississippi, some guitars, it’s a rural life that brought Tobia Lamare and his band (the sellers)away from “pizzica” and close to country music.”” i viaggi del sole – Ilsole24ore

““This is a record that it really worth listen to! “”andrea costantini –

“If only the passport were not italian, “the party” would be on the Sub Pop catalogue, with bands like the Shins and Blitzen Trapper.”Gianluca Servetti – Rockerilla


“Per viaggiare in altri tempi e luoghi, la musica è da sempre il mezzo migliore di tutti, per questo “Summer Melodies” che, già dal nome, promette di portarci lì, in estate, è l’album che darà gioia a tutti noi che viviamo aspettando la stagione del sole, riuscendo a farci sentire di essere proprio dove vorremmo essere.”     Roberta Romano – Rockit

Summer Melodies, il suo nuovo disco, è fortemente influenzato dai suoni della West Coast, ma anche dal rapporto dell’Uomo con la Natura. In modo particolare con il mare e le onde.”Antonio Soda –

Non c’è frangiflutto che tenga. Nella sua musica e nella sua voce si infrangono le onde del mare con un’intensità che spettina i pensieri.”Ugo Stomeo –